Renovation Work

renovation400If you have an old family Quilt which needs some renovation work it  may have belonged to your granny or other relative perhaps and you want it to be looked at with an eye to renovation please send  a detailed photograph and description of the work to be done.   
I cannot always promise to  be able to take on the work but after careful consideration of what needs to be done I will get back to you with an answer and if I can renovate the Quilt an estimation of the cost involved.

Postage and Terms

The Quilt you choose will be charged £25 p&p which also covers insurance against the parcel going missing and the parcel will be posted as 'next day delivery' to ensure you receive your parcel as quickly as possible upon its completion.
Prices for outside the UK will be dependant upon weight, size, destination and value for insurance purposes.

All Quilts on my website for sale or examples can be replicated to your own colour choice.

Prices for commissions will be effected by any increase in the price of fabric.

Bespoke Quilts are quoted for individually as to your specific requirements. If you have a time limit in mind please mention this when you place your order as I may not be able to start straight away.  I always work on a first come first served basis.  I have constantly high demand but ensure that no job is rushed and receives the high level of personal attention it deserves.